Affordable Design Service Spring 2018

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We Design. You Plant.

A New, Affordable Design Service Starting April 2018

We Design You Plant Service from Bella Terra Landscape

Most of us have yards that could use a little more color in during our brief and glorious summer season. April is THE TIME to start planning your summer garden. But where to begin? A landscaping project can be overwhelming. Here’s an idea: start small. If you are a DIY homeowner, with a real desire to make improvements to your yard, but unsure of where to start or what plantings to use – we are here for you.

Our goal with this affordable service is to put beautiful, functional garden design within reach. We Design You Plant is for anyone who would like to try a Do-It-Yourself approach to gardening, but needs a little help on the details. We’ve been planting beautiful, successful gardens in Duluth for over a decade and know what it takes.

We Design You Plant: $50 Bucks

Here is how the service works:

1) Schedule your We Design You Plant consultation by calling (218) 341-4443.

For $50 a designer from Bella Terra Landscaping will meet you at your home, and devote an hour to your garden planning project. This is enough time to plan one garden area such as a foundation garden, a privacy garden or a garden along a path or patio edge. We will provide you with a diagram of your garden layout which you can use to plan and envision your garden project, and a list of suggested plantings and species. 

2) Plan and Execute

Bella Terra will also include an estimate for one of the following three garden packages:

  • Plant Material Only: Bella Terra will supply and deliver your plantings. We source our shrubs, trees and perennials from various regional nurseries and are thus able to provide excellent plant selection and a size range. You’ll pay a little more than you would at a box store, but our plants are health and NOT full of pesticides and fungicides. We warranty our plants for 1 year provided they have been planted correctly. 
  • Plant Material and Site Preparation: Bella Terra can do the heavy lifting! Our crew will remove any unwanted turf, plant materials or non-viable soils from the garden area. Then we’ll add the appropriate soil amendments and till the soil 4”-8” depending on plant selections. Once all that mess is done, we’ll deliver your plants and you can plant them in nice fluffy black soil (no pickaxe necessary!).
  • Complete Garden Install: This is the full package for folks who realize they don’t have time or need to DIY. The Bella Terra crew will furnish all the soils, plants, mulch and fertilizer needed for your new garden installation. We’ll prepare the garden area as outlined above, carefully plant your new plantings, cut an edge trench and spread mulch.

A beautiful yard will encourage your family to spend time outside, enhance the beauty of your home, and increase its value. Gardening reduces stress, adds tremendous curb appeal, and helps pollinators. Anything can make a huge difference in your yard!

Let’s Get Growing!

Call (218) 341-4443 for the

We Design You Plant Service!