Edible Garden in Duluth

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We love building edible gardens. It’s an excellent way to enjoy your backyard while bringing food to the table. Plus, there’s always something to do outside in any weather. After a long day at work what’s better than puttering in your very own garden? Answer: Not much. A lovingly curated garden can add a lot of dimension and interest to a yard.

Edible Gardens 101

Here are some items to consider if you are planning a backyard garden:

  • Exposure. Obviously. You want maximum southern exposure to maximize the short growing season in Duluth, MN.
  • Access to water. Does your site have a convenient spigot, rain barrel, or natural water source which you can access?
  • Deer. We have a lot of deer in the city of Duluth. A LOT. They will gladly feast on the produce of your hard work. Most folks need an enclosure around their garden or yard.
  • Soil type. Most things you like to grow don’t take kindly to our local clay and rock soil types. You will need to amend the soil to grow rich plants and vegetables. The simple solution is raised beds – which have the added bonus of warming the soil earlier in the spring.
  • Hardscapes. You may want to consider a paved or rock walkway in and around your garden. It looks beautiful and it’s practical.
  • Greenhouse or hotbox. Extend the growing season even more with a greenhouse structure.


Edible gardens can be a beautiful feature in your backyard. Contact Bella Terra today to discuss your next project. Call us at (218) 341-4443.