Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplace

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The coup-de-grace of any backyard is the hearth. It’s elemental. A backyard without a BBQ and a firepit is like a car without wheels in our book. But we’re not talking about simple grills and firepits here. We are talking about full-on outdoor kitchens. Yes – even in Minnesota.

Outdoor Kitchens 101

Here are some items to consider for outdoor kitchens in our northern climate:

  • Water: You will need a way to clear the pipes before winter sets in. This is not as difficult as it may seem.
  • Cooking Fire: Are you looking for a space for your traditional BBQ, a Big Green Egg, or a wood fired oven?
  • Surfaces: Structures and hardscapes need to come together to create your outdoor kitchen space. This can vary wildly, but is only limited by your dreams (and, well, your budget).
  • Seating: Again – this can be built-in, out of stone or wood, or purchased separately. We are huge fans of local outdoor furniture manufacturers Loll in Duluth, MN. Their products are awesome.
  • Fire Pit: Integrated fire pits absolutely define a backyard project. They are a focal point. From simple fire rings to mid century chiminea to bluestone fireplaces, the hearth is the heart of your backyard and requires thoughtful consideration.

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